What is Masculinity Lab?

Masculinity Lab is about three things: 1) masculine health, 2) science, and 3) you.

We help you take control of your masculine health and improve your quality of life by condensing cutting-edge scientific research findings into models and principles that are simple, useful, and practical.

We focus on topics that you and the other members of the Masculinity Lab tribe find important: optimizing your testosterone levels, ensuring virility at any age, etc.

Why Masculinity Lab?

Because nothing like this has existed before.

Sure, the web is full of information and new information is published all the time. However, it has been hard to find the gems from all the noise and misinformation since nobody has gathered, condensed, and organized the information the same way before.

What makes Masculinity Lab special and useful for you?

We believe our uniquely balanced science-based approach gives you the best possible tools for success.

We keep things as simple and practical as possible without losing the science. We never bore you with unnecessary academic jargon but we don’t cut corners either.

We believe in research and scientific evidence but we also believe in the value of personal experience, peer-to-peer support, and thriving as a tribe of like-minded men.

We also strive for optimal balance between skepticism and open-mindedness.

We don’t believe the over-hyped claims of some supplement manufacturers and natural healers but we also don’t judge all natural methods.

We believe that aiming for natural solutions should always be the primary goal but your best interest is always our best interest – we are not here to sell you any natural supplements nor to blindly demonize the trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry (we understand that sometimes medication is needed, too).